About Us

Who We Are

ERH is engaged in the leasing, managing, and ownership of select acute care hospitals. We are focused on helping distressed and underperforming hospitals in turnaround situations that require a unique blend of strategic, operations and financial experience. Currently we manage operations in Utah, Nevada and Georgia. The principals of ER Hospitals have over 100 years of diverse healthcare management experience.

The key to our success is earning the trust of the many stakeholders invested in the outcome of the hospital, especially from patients, their families, and the communities we serve. ERH believes that to be successful their operations must represent the values and ethics of the community. We go to great lengths to understand the communities we care for. In the end, it’s about building a sustainable healthcare system to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Our Approach

Healthcare is an important public asset that contributes to the economic stability and growth of a community. It is our belief that hospitals in smaller communities are capable of being financially viable while providing high quality healthcare. ERH is committed to work with local leaders and medical staff members to secure the financial viability of the healthcare delivery system.

There is no doubt that rural hospitals are struggling to find solutions in the ever changing face of healthcare in America. Often in a desperate attempt to save their hospital, local leaders are reaching out to larger regional and national hospital chains for management expertise. Often, the goals of the national and regional chains and the local hospital are not aligned.

Typically, larger operations are more interested in moving patients to their facilities, at the expense of the local hospital. When patients leave, physicians and other providers struggle to maintain financially feasible practices and, in the long run, the local hospital and the community suffer. ERH feels that this is a flawed approach.

Our goal is to provide the management expertise and capital, when necessary, to build local medical services. We begin by defining the community need. We also conduct a resource analysis of the hospital and of the professional medical community of physicians, surgeons and ancillary providers. Diagnostic and treatment technology are evaluated and appropriate equipment is obtained. By building up the local healthcare system we strengthen the economic base of the community.

Our Philosophy

Do everything that is possible in the local community hospital. However, we recognize that not all services are appropriate for a rural hospital. To meet the greater needs of all stakeholders we form alliances with regional hospitals that allow us to transfer patients that are above our level of care to a more appropriate location. These hospitals will be selected based on several criteria.

  • First and foremost they must earn the trust of the local physicians.
  • Second, we will seek affiliations that offer medical staff development, staff coverage and technology which allow specialists to work with local physicians on a real-time basis to diagnose and treat patients.
  • Third, we will work hard to attract specialists committed to do all that they can in the local hospital, thus eliminating the need to have patients travel outside the community to receive care.

To be successful in today’s marketplace it is necessary to look at every hospital opportunity as a unique entity. What works in one community will not necessarily work in another. Our goal is to be flexible in our approach. ERH will work with the Hospital management team, Authority Boards and owners to establish the best fit, whether that is leasing, management contracts, or ownership. ERH is willing to commit capital, take on risk, and defer management fees until specific goals are met. We recognize that the arrangement must meet the needs of the hospital and community.